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Clients First Texas at MRO Americas 2016

Since you visited us at the MRO America’s 2016 show, you will receive the ProMRO module for free if you purchase our services and Dynamics AX by April 19, 2017.

The best part of the ProMRO module and Dynamics AX is the seamlessness;  it’s just one solution to maintain, and support your business.  Embedded within AX, one of the best ERP solutions available (per the Gartner Group and Nucleus Research). ProMRO is an affordable, scalable solution designed for your industry.

Based on years of industry experience and customer feedback, our developers created a MRO module to meet the challenges commonly experienced by industrial job shops.  In addition to the inherent functionality of AX, ProMRO offers the following time saving functionality:

  • Applicable operations include selling parts, servicing, repair, manufacturing and re-manufacturing
  • Standardized list of maintenance activities
  • Project confirmation provides a quick print out of items, repair activities, pricing totals and delivery address
  • Project quotation that is automatically populated with items, services, contact information and allows for dynamic quoting based on margin requirements
  • Automatic quote population based on information in the service profile that can be adjusted manually, on the fly
  • E-Mail alerts and workflows based on your business operational requirements
  • Costing options include fixed price or time and materials
  • Project work scope provides a work ticket detailing items delivery and installation instructions
  • Automatic service work order based on accepted quote predefined services & repair by department breakdown
  • Part applicability and part substitution included in solution
  • Specific tracking to include core, serial number & batch tracking
  • Planning to include capacity and resource planning
  • Expense cost capturing for all labor, inventory and expense costs
  • Outside processing includes costs and traceability

We have implemented our ProMRO solution which is embedded within Dynamics AX internationally- in 11 countries and counting.   We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully harness basic Dynamics AX functionality, paired with the proper consulting and support elements, to meet your unique business needs. Our experienced team combined with a significant number of years in industry knowledge, enables us to help you leverage the power of an enterprise financial, MRO and supply chain solution that can help your business gain a competitive advantage with one business software solution.

Contact us to discuss your business requirements and budget to find out if ProMRO and Dynamics AX are right for your MRO business.   Call us at 800.331.8382 or email

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