ProMRO ERP for the MRO

Implementing ProMRO with its seamless integration to Dynamics AX allows you to manage MRO sales and operations exceedingly well within one database/ERP solution. If you have other lines of business such as parts distribution, manufacturing, or even professional services consulting, the solution can manage those too. Review this list of additional functionality available with ProMRO.  It is rare to have a customer that uses every module, but since everything is included with the purchase you do have the choice to use them now or add later at no additional software cost as your business grows or changes.

Equipment Table

Clients First TX module: ProMRO & Dynamics AX Demo Video

Equipment Table works behind the scenes to track all quotes and projects associated with a specific piece of equipment. So if you have the equipment details go to the Equipment Table and see everything going on with that piece of equipment making auditors and customers confident that your business has complete traceability.

Confidence in Equipment Details

  • Know your product. Equipment details track every project and every quote done for a specific piece of equipment enabling you to track when you win and when you lose a quote so you can service your clients’ needs better and help you grow your business.
  • Is there a possible warranty issue? Since the work processed on specific equipment was recorded in the equipment table, if a warranty claim arises you have all the data necessary to process requests promptly and professionally.

Example Use of the Equipment Table
A customer calls and knows they sent a part to you for repair but can’t remember what their order number was. All they have is their serial number. While they are on the phone just go to the Equipment Table and search the Serial Number field, if that equipment was in your shop and was identified with a Serial Number you will find it easily on the Equipment table. You can then go over the previous repairs that have been done on the equipment by looking at the Projects tab or you can tell the customer how many times you have quoted and for what repairs you have quoted and if the quotes were accepted or not. Everything that you need to impress your customer is right here in the Equipment Table. Making your business faster and smarter happens here. The Equipment Table allows you to communicate with your customer quickly and effectively whenever they call.

Engineering Values

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Engineering Values enable you to keep track of any pertinent data that you want to associate to Customer Specific equipment.  Engineering Values provides templates for different types of equipment and services with required values that should be recorded for traceability purposes.

Engineering Values enables the documentation of incoming equipment values like the

  • serial number
  • power value
  • cycles
  • hazard category
  • and any other incoming measurements or identification values and then can be updated with testing values, measurements, certs etc as the Equipment is in process.
  • The Engineering Values form is available on the Project and Work Order Quote so testing data, quality information, who performed the testing, and any other pertinent details can be recorded throughout the life of the equipment. Some values are considered master values and will never change once they are entered and some values are transactional which include the testing data etc.
  • This is all set up as a template so entries can be made easily utilizing the form and users are prompted to enter the information correctly based on the template setup.
  • This data can be shared with customers so they can easily view the certifications and details of their equipment.

Engineering values gives you immediate reference to engineering test values. This enables ProMRO users to keep track of engineering test values within one system.

The engineering test values are linked to each piece of equipment and subsequently reference able from the project, work order, invoice and contract throughout the entire project.

Service Profiles

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Service Profiles are one of the foundations of everything Quick. Create comprehensive but generic Service Profiles (templates) for every type of standard service and equipment. During initial system setup you define these processes which will save countless hours of data entry and confusion with future quotes and work orders. The Service Profile acts as a template but can also be changed and updated once the Equipment has been inspected. If additional parts or hours are required just add them to the Service Profile.

Create Service Profiles for:

  • Generic Overhaul,
  • Unload Job
  • Book in
  • Dismantle
  • Inspect
  • Test & Quote
  • Generic Manufacture
  • Pack
  • Dispatch etc.

Service Profiles define any of the following:

  • Applicable fees
  • Hours (hours are linked to specific shop tasks and work center instructions.)
  • Expenses
  • Items necessary to accomplish a repair

What are the standard processes when equipment comes in? Define it in a Service Profile and make quoting and project creation quick and easy.

Quick Create Quote/Work Order

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Quick Create Enables you to create a robust quotation based on Service Profile templates for specific types of equipment and services. The Quote can easily be converted to a Project once the customer accepts the proposal. At conversion, all the information entered on the Quote conveniently flows through to the new Project.  Including any Engineering values and changes to Service Profiles.

Typically a customer needs a quote prior to bringing Equipment in for review. They need to have an idea of what it is going to cost to repair. Generally Sales Staff or Management would create the scope and prepare this type of quote. This is often a generalized quote that will have further adders (additions) once the Equipment has been received and inspected.

By using Quick Create the Work Order Quote can easily entered based on Service Profile templates for the same type of equipment and repair. So you can enter the quote based on a template for a similar repair and then make changes or additions, if necessary, once the equipment is received.

The Work Order Quote in this case would be the beginning of the Project sequence and once the Quote is accepted and the Equipment is received the Work Order Quote can be converted to a Project.

Benefits of Quick Create

  • Create comprehensive quotes utilizing pre-defined Service Profile Templates making it easier, faster and more accurate for sales to quote product to customer even if the product is not yet in house. Less time filling out paperwork equals more time selling product. If there are changes, no problem, add requirements and make necessary adjustments to the template as you go making this a truly customizable solution.
  • You know the information now is the time to capture it. The Work Order Quote system lets you specify whether the equipment is Generic or Customer specific or you can select from equipment that has been entered before. You always have the power of knowing whether the equipment has been in your shop before or if you have lost previous quotes due to competition or expertise. This can help you prepare more competitive quote packages for that work you keep missing out on and show you if you are competitive in the marketplace on a specific type of equipment or if you need to work on pricing.
  • Are we there yet? Funnel Management keeps sales from falling through the cracks by enabling everyone to see status of quotes in progress and if they have been followed up on and what the results of your sales efforts are. Keep your sales staff working on sales instead of continually answering internal status requests.

Project Purchasing

Instead of ordering items one at a time by project consider creating an item requirement and letting the Master Planning module do the work for you. So instead of processing 20 purchase orders for 20 projects with the same 20 items on it and paying 20 different invoices, create the item requirements and Master Planning will pick up the item requirements and procure them. The buyers get one hit for 20 items instead of having to deal with 20 different purchase orders or lines etc.

There is also a PO Adder functionality. So if a vendor already has an open Item Requirements purchase order for a project PO Adder gives you the flexibility to add other project requirements for the same vendor to that open purchase order so instead of multiple purchase orders there is one to deal with.

Item Requirements makes it easy to keep track of all consumed and committed costs on your projects. And everything is taken care of in the background. When you create an Item Requirements purchase order and receive the project, the project Sales Order is automatically updated and all the committed costs and values are updated. This gives you more control and visibility with less work.

In addition, when product is received quality orders can created and of course an Accounts Payable voucher for the vendor invoice then payment.

Quick Invoice

Once the project is complete use Quick Invoice to invoice, close, and eliminate your project all in one easy step. And if you need to do a credit there is a Quick Credit as well.  Once invoiced, the AR module picks up the next step which is applying customer payments as received.

Project Invoice Review

Price wars? These are a daily occurrence. Project Invoice Review makes reviewing and altering the suggested price on your project incredibly simple. Project Invoice Review shows the project cost, shop price and the margins. Simply change the shop price and review the margins. The Project Invoice Review does all the work. Keep tweaking the shop price until the customer is happy and the margins are correct and then, this is where the real magic happens, click OK. The system will automatically generate an adjustment. Everything is sorted behind the scenes. And everything you need to know is right on the Project Invoice Review form including hours, labor, time, expenses, and any outstanding committed costs.

Project Invoice Review Scenario

The Equipment is in house and the Project has been created but the customer has not yet given approval to move forward with the work. They call and state that another vendor has quoted the same work for $1200.00 less than you have been doing it for. No need to hang up and run around to different departments trying to find out where costs can be cut and trying to get some sort of approval. Just enter the new Shop Price into the EPM Project Invoice Review form and instantly see the Margin Value and Margin Percentage and  Suggested Sales Price. All the costs are right there too so you have a very good idea if it is even possible to do the same standard of work for less or if the competition is slashing prices to try to take your business. You can instantly and knowledgeably give revised pricing if necessary and also pertinent details as to what is included in the price. Maybe the competition didn’t charge for something important or doesn’t really know how many hours it takes to do the repair. At any rate you can discuss the details with the customer immediately instead of letting more time pass and possibly losing more orders to the competition.


Take advantage of a single, unified solution that includes the ability to run discrete, process, and lean manufacturing all at once. Use powerful horizontal applications such as production and supply chain management to modernize and grow your manufacturing business. Key business processes supporting manufacturing and MRO industries include:

  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Multi-site planning and manufacturing
  • Shop floor management


Support rapidly changing conditions in a business with global complexity. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers key capabilities such as supply chain management and multi-site to allow you to scale your business quickly. Distribution-specific capabilities which are also seamlessly interfaced to ProMRO include:

  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Supply chain planning
  • Sales order management
  • Product information management
  • Procurement and sourcing

Services Industries

Balancing client relationships, global resources, service delivery, and financial results is critical for companies in the services industry. Key capabilities include:

  • Project management and accounting
  • Project budgeting and cost control
  • Employee self-service
  • Client relationship management

Project Management and Accounting (ProMRO is built on this module)

Help project managers gain increased schedule, resource, and financial control over short-term and long-term internal and external projects. These capabilities are integrated with other Microsoft Dynamics AX domains including general ledger, sales, procurement, and production.

  • Project management
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Project resource and schedule management
  • Project time and expense

Financial Management

Provide a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, manage relationships between subsidiaries and the parent organization, and manage internal cost accounting. Gain financial insight, help control expenditures, and support the enforcement of accounting policies and rules.   All of which is seamlessly interfaced to ProMRO. 

  • General ledger
  • Bank management
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Fixed assets
  • Cost accounting
  • Intercompany accounting and shared services support
  • Country-specific capabilities
  • Financial reporting

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing in Microsoft Dynamics AX/ProMRO delivers powerful, integrated customer, sales, and marketing management capabilities that can help your people build and strengthen customer relationships and increase sales.

  • Sales force automation
  • Sales agreement
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead and opportunity management (great tool for tracking win and loss reasons on MRO quotes)
  • Sales management
  • Case management (including Sites Services)

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Dynamics AX reporting allows users to manage reports with extensive options. Reporting is flexible and based on your organization’s specific needs.  Ask us to show you these features – AX has such strong reporting and search capabilities that end-users feel empowered.

The business intelligence and reporting features of Dynamics AX allow key decision makers to analyze factors that affect your bottom line with flexible and customizable analysis tools. These Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities not only allow users to share information across departments, but the entire organization. The business intelligence solutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX are numerous.

  • Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device.   Please visit this page for more information: 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services: Give employees instant access to information with built-in reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Automatically generate custom reports with Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder, an ad hoc query tool. Access a wide variety of standard reports (more than 800) including analytical reports.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Server: Drive actionable insights to people across the enterprise using easy-to-use online analytical processing (OLAP) an data-mining capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides preconfigured data cubes for key business areas. Employees can easily access the data from KPIs in their Role Center or directly from Microsoft Excel.
  • Management Reporter: Create boardroom-quality reports without IT assistance, consolidate across both Microsoft Dynamics ERP and other general ledgers, and take advantage of secure report distribution and storage through the centralized Report Library.


Dynamics AX with ProMRO is a solution that solves all business operational, financial and reporting needs.  These two products are seamlessly embedded and end users see one software solution.  Reach out to us to find out more at 800.331.8382 or email