Dynamics AX Mobile App for the Warehouse Pioneered by Clients First

Dynamics AX Mobile App for the Warehouse Pioneered by Clients FirstDoes your warehouse struggle to be more productive as it needs to process 10 to 30 truckloads per day to keep up with growth?  Clients First services developed a mobile application for your warehouse that works alongside Dynamics AX.  This solution is perfect for the company that needs sophisticated picking without bulky software setups and maintenance. Upick was designed for manufacturing/distribution companies shipping over 10 truckloads of product per day.

Dynamics AX Mobile App for the Warehouse with Simple Interface 

The mobile application was created to simplify the warehouse worker’s required actions.  They are not required to be genius level AX users or even be computer literate.  The mobile device has simple, easy to use screens in which all actions of your pickers are recorded on the hand-held device and without the bulk of the full ERP confusing your employees.

MRO Support with Dynamics AX, 365, and AcumaticaSince your warehouse worker’s jobs are simplified, the mobile application helps your warehouse save money on multiple fronts:

  • Maximized truckloads
  • Saving money on labor
  • Less shipping errors
  • Allows palletization on the fly
  • And you don’t have to upgrade software as this product works with AX 4, AX2012 to AX7 or Dynamics 365
  • Upick can also be used in an environment where multiple pickers are required to pick a single order using handheld scanners.

Shipping at Maximum Capacity with Time to Spare

Upick enables your trucks and staff to run at maximum capacity.  UPick breaks up the order by warehouse zone making your workers more efficient.

  • Upick’s algorithms packs the pallets so accurately it reduces the number of pallets needed for orders which maximizes trailer space.
  • Labeling can meet your customer specific requirements. Pallet labels can contain ingredients by lot, what raw materials are used, and a best used by date. This provides even more lot traceabilty/visibility and meets labeling requirements by each of your customers.
  • The SSCID’s, and pallet labels are printed from the actual pick assuring less rejected shipments, or errors in data entry and fines from a vendor or big box retailer.
  • Advanced Ship Notice or ASN are generated with the SSCID and package ID then sent to customers via EDI.
  • The quick audit of scans and labeling for each pallet make sure the order is picked correctly. This reduces errors, reduces costs and improves customer service.
  • This solution can save your company money by reducing the number of pallets per truckload.

Labor Efficiencies Increased 

Since orders are picked by warehouse zone, the pallets are picked faster, workers at Merrick can finish picking in record time.  This extra time can be used in organizing or cleaning the warehouse, and other tasks that get overlooked on a daily basis. This extra efficiency allows your company to grow with ease.

At Clients First Business Solutions, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Service Provider with a team of tenured specialists with core competencies in the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as developing an IP app for the MRO industry called ProMRO.  To explore all the capabilities of ProMRO and find out how this business solution can help your organization achieve its full potential, contact our sales team at 800.331.8382 or email info@clientsfirst-tx.com.   Our Clients First Texas and Minnesota offices offer Dynamics AX ERP to the medium to large manufacturer and MRO across the United States and in 11 countries and counting.  We can also implement ProMRO within Cloud-based ERP Software, called Acumatica. Call us today to see how Clients First’s experience with MRO and job shops can transform your business.

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