The Best Ecommerce Solution for the MRO

Best ecommerce solution for the MRO

Webinar Showcasing The Best Ecommerce Solution for the MRO

MRO Manufacturing as an industry is more complex, not only do MRO manufacturer’s have to continually innovate and market products to remain at the top of the competition, but they have to incorporate buying, process planning, research and development, quality control, project management, manufacturing execution, selling the product, shipping and warehousing, not to mention abiding government regulations. Then finally customer support has to be infused into the mix.  With all these ingredients it is important to get a break somewhere. Clients First found a one platform eCommerce solution that even integrates with your ERP system, as such we call it the best eCommerce solution for MRO manufacturing.

Ecommerce has been a game-changer for many industries. According to Supply Chain Quarterly, it has revolutionized the way purchases are made, has increased accuracy and efficiency across the board and has cracked open the world of B2B global distribution. In fact, research from Frost & Sullivan project global B2B sales to reach 6.7 trillion USD by 2020.

For aviation parts distribution, becoming an adopter of ecommerce has assisted many industries in:

  • Reducing transaction costs
  • Improving inventory management
  • Increasing overall productivity
  • Escalating the speed of customer purchases

Clients First initially engaged with Dynamicweb at the Dynamics Summit, and instantly saw the value of the ISV for MRO manufacturer’s.  Dynamic web’s one platform approach helps your company grow and optimize your online business.

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Date: June 6, 2017

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Webinar showcasing the Best Ecommerce Solution for the MRO

Dynamicweb helps your MRO manufacturing’s marketing department by:

  • integrating your ERP’s business logic, product data, ordering etc. creating a no data re-entry environment
  • providing self-service for customer reorders, returns and order history
  • helping you to expand globally with multi language, currency, payments and taxes
  • aiding in increased basket size and revenue with cross and up-selling
  • delivering your brand message effectively through different channels
  • generating leads from your website
  • easily updating and publishing content on the web or for mobile devices
  • monitoring campaigns
  • using versions control inside campaign messaging
  • applying workflows so you can apply rules to approve content before publishing
  • allowing your company to monetize services alongside your product
  • even wielding the ability to begin subscription delivery of your merchandise

The united approach of this ISV benefits your company in not only having ecommerce content management and email marketing in one platform; but it integrates with business systems, and optimizes operational costs by integrating your eCommerce and ERP like Dynamics AX.

Dynamicweb more than a shopping cart


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