Benefits of Microsoft AX-org

Most business software doesn’t do what you need as a MRO. ProMRO benefit’s you by leveraging the inherent supply chain and financial modules of Dynamics AX PLUS core tracking, quotes, costing, work order, project, invoicing and more.

  • AX helps your growing enterprise as it unites all the data of all your units being multi-language, and multi-currency.
  • No need to learn anything new, AX has the look and feel as Microsoft Office, which employees are already using.
  • Labor Cost Savings: One system, no duplicate data entry as Accounting, ProMRO and Supply Chain are seamlessly integrated into one package.
  • AX is adaptable and scalable with an enormous capacity & functionality letting your company grow and evolve while staying on a familiar system.
  • No need to purchase add on programs; all modules included with license and available for future use.
  • Reporting is made easy with Power BI, SQL Reporting Services (SRS) and Excel Reports.
  • Very inexpensive to maintain and ranks very highly compared to other solutions.
  • Clients First’s technical mentoring of the IT team on AX leads to lower support costs.

One of the key elements to success in today’s business world is a company’s software and technology foundation.  A powerful and flexible Microsoft platform branded as Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to achieve visibility, insight and control over your operations.  Dynamics AX is designed to cost-effectively support customizations that are necessary for customers to adapt, grow and maintain a competitive edge for their businesses.

When you purchase Dynamics AX you get every module, this licensing approach provides every AX customer extreme value in their investment.


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